Where Do You Stand?



Men Can Stop Rape is pleased to present our new WHERE DO YOU STAND? campaign! Our unique bystander intervention and consent campaign is specifically marketed for young men and boys, focusing on their role in preventing sexual assault, dating violence, and cyber stalking.

A 2016 study, Do Sexual Assault Bystander Interventions Change Men’s Intentions? Applying the Theory of Normative Social Behavior to Predicting Bystander Outcomes, found “messages communicating positive injunctive norms were most effective among men…Furthermore, descriptive norms played a significant role in behavioral intentions, such that those with stronger norms were more likely to report intentions to engage in bystander behaviors in the future.” 

The study compared the effectiveness of Where Do You Stand? (WDYS?), which uses positively framed messages, to a campaign that uses negatively framed messages (e.g., don’t do this behavior). The study concludes that campaigns for college men using positively framed messages, like WDYS?, are more effective at influencing both men who are less likely to engage in bystander intervention behaviors and men who are likely to engage in bystander intervention behaviors, whereas negatively framed messages may only be effective in increasing behavioral intent among men already likely to engage in bystander intervention.

Are you ready to start the conversation with men about bystander intervention and consent at your school? Check out our bundle options and look through the gallery of our WHERE DO YOU STAND? scenarios to see what works best for your school!